Manual Reporting vs. Cerebrate’s Out-of-the-Box Reporting

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Business Intelligence (BI), also known as Reporting, Dashboards, Analytics, is one of the most talked about subjects today. Big and Small companies are investing in BI. But is BI really worth having? Does it get the desired ROI?

Studies show that 88% of SMB companies use Excel for their data analysis and reporting. This is highly manual, time consuming and fraught with errors. Most of such initiatives start off with the right intent and are usually accurate. However, with time, the business needs change, and more complex data collections and analysis are needed. This slowly leads to expansion of the original scope and leads to solutions that are not fully thought out, which finally leads to erroneous calculations and interpretations. Many businesses run with these types of reporting solutions that proves ineffective and very expensive in the long run.

To avoid these expensive mistakes, a modern BI solution is a must. It has been proven, across the world, and across all types and sizes of organizations that a good BI solution gets a great ROI. However, most BI solutions in the market today cost a lot, are very time consuming and are complex to understand and implement.

To keep the upfront investments low and to get customers up-and-running quickly, Cerebrate has introduced “Out-of-the-Box” (OOtB) reporting capabilities with their BI product, CIBI.

CIBI OOtB solutions can be implemented at a customer site within minutes. Once set up, clients have access to a wide range of reports they can start using immediately. These reports are developed by professionals with many years of experience in running profitable businesses. Hence these reports are very relevant and targeted at providing insights that eventually lead to increasing profitability and reducing costs.

For e.g. Cerebrate’s OOtB Solution for Tally ERP have 25 ready-made reports. These reports cover a wide range of key areas for any business. The following is a partial list of reports that are included in this solution:


  • Debtors Analysis – Sales Vs Receipts, Receipts Timeline, Bill-Wise Outstanding & Ageing, Pending Amount Breakdown.
  • Customer-wise, Area-wise Outstanding
  • Sales Growth by Customer or Customer Group MoM, QoQ, YoY.
  • And many more


  • Sales Analysis by Items / Customer
  • Top N Items, Items Group for Sales
  • Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly Sales Comparisons
  • And many more


  • Purchase Growth by Supplier or Supplier Group MoM, QoQ, YoY.
  • Creditor Analysis – Purchase Vs Payments
  • Top N Suppliers – Purchase & Balances
  • And many more

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