CIBI connects to all popular data sources and we are constantly working on adding more connectors.
Moreover CIBI also connects to the systems you most commonly use. Enterprises are increasingly using Cloud Based Systems and SaaS products for managing critical business processes. CIBI is able to seamlessly connect with such systems and make the data available for analysis at one centralized location.


Most systems store data in a format that is optimized for saving space & bandwidth. However such format is not ideal for running analytical queries which makes generating reports and insights a time consuming activity. Moreover, the queries are so complex that you need to employ specialist storage experts who can generate these reports for you. CIBI transforms the data & stores it so that the analytical queries are optimized and even a business user is able to generate reports on the fly!


CIBI enables you to perform various different kinds of aggregations on the data & generate relevant metrics. There is a wide array of statistical functions that you can use to extract relevant insights from your data. All the fields in the data are available for you to immediately use in your reports. CIBI does not deal with any cubes that have to be rebuilt or any other structure that takes a long time to refresh. It has built-in access controls which allows you to control the flow of information within your organization.

Visualize & Act

CIBI supports a wide array of visualizations. From traditional to pivot tables to beautiful geo maps, CIBI has it all. There is a simple drag & drop interface to select the metrics and visualizations that you want. CIBI is web based which makes it possible for you to share your observations with your colleagues. It works on any computer – Mac or PC on a modern web browser. There are many collaborative features like chart annotations and chart & dashboard downloads that help in boosting productivity.

Integrates with your favorite systems!

Data Harvesting

We have built integrations with your favorite systems. Our data harvesting system is able to connect to SaaS products you use and sync data at near real time. We extract & clean up the relevant data & make it available to your business.

Data API

We have a robust & easy to use API which you can implement to import data from your homegrown systems. With no rate limiting and no additional costs, the possibilities of building amazing usable solutions using CIBI are endless!


Templates are CIBI`s secret gem. Based on our 15+years of BI experience and extensive market research, we have pre-defined solutions for various systems. Using these templates you can setup out-of-the-box reporting in a matter of minutes. If a template is currently not present for one of the systems you use, please write to us and bump up its priority!


You can customize CIBI dashboards to match your corporate branding theme. CIBI gives you complete control over skin colors, fonts and logos so as to give you a completely seamless experience.


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