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Millions of Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMBs) rely on Tally ERP to manage their businesses. Tally has enabled businesses to effectively and efficiently manage and organize their business data across various functions like Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Manufacturing etc. Businesses that use Tally ERP generate lot of operational data that could lead to key insights for the management leading them to more profitability and cost savings.

In today’s competitive marketplace not only do you need to be efficient in managing your business processes but also have to be smart in leveraging and analyzing your business data to drive critical business decisions. You need to be able to extract insights from the data present in your accounting softwares like Tally ERP and use it to grow your business and reduce your costs. CIBI – enables you to do just that!

What is CIBI?
Cerebrate’s Integrated Business Intelligence (CIBI) is a powerful reporting and analytics solution that enables you to extract relevant data from Tally and generate powerful insights from your data. You don’t have to rely on manual processes to create the reports, which is a slow and tedious process and prone to errors. CIBI’s advanced and intuitive capabilities handle all the complex parts, leaving you with easy to understand reports and analytics to run your business.

CIBI is a web based solution – so you can access it from anywhere, just like your email. Whether you are working in the office or traveling, you can access the insights you need to run your business.  You can easily collaborate with your team and share the insights as needed.

Why choose us?
With CIBI, setting up reports for Tally ERP has never been easier! CIBI comes with a built in Tally ERP connector that continuously works in the background, giving you the peace of mind you need. It takes a few minutes to install and once it is set up, it works without any manual intervention. CIBI comes bundled with 25 key reports, developed by practicing Chartered Accountants,  that helps you get a head-start.  Other reports and dashboards can be created as needed, very easily.

Debtors Report

List of Accounts



So what are you waiting for? If you would like to give your business the edge over your competition, give us a call today (+91 98903 16090) or email us at

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About Cerebrate
Cerebrate is a Business Intelligence and Analytics company. Cerebrate develops analytics solutions for small and medium scale businesses that enables them to derive powerful insights from their operational data in an easy and cost effective manner.

About the author
Shyam Munshi is the COO of Cerebrate Inc. He is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and a functional expert in Oracle ERP.

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